Everyone loves cycling for different reasons

Some people like to exercise while riding, using an environmentally friendly way to achieve the effect of fitness, and at the same time, there is a sense of excitement at the limit of speed

Some people like the ease of riding, because they are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are no restrictions, they can be unfettered and free. Along the way, stop as you want, leave as you want, do whatever you want

Some people like to think of cycling as a tour. They can visit famous places of interest, famous mountains and rivers, and inspect the terrain, humanities, climate, and customs. You can also step into nature, breathe the pure air, and taste the delicacies from all over the world

You like to ride, but how much do you know about your car?

In the process of riding, a suitable bicycle is particularly important. It can make the journey easier and more comfortable and allow us to have a better experience. Therefore, before purchasing, we must have a comprehensive understanding of bicycles in order to choose the most suitable car.

Bicycles can be divided into two categories in terms of usage: life bicycles and sports bicycles.

Life bicycles can be divided into men's and women's, calibration and weighting. In addition, it can be divided into size: 28 type, 26 type, 24 type and 20 type, and so on.

According to different functions, sports bicycles can be divided into: mountain bikes, road bikes, and skill bikes. Among them, mountain bikes are further divided into: general mountain bikes, off-road vehicles, climbing vehicles and downhill vehicles.

No matter which type of bicycle, it is generally composed of four major systems: transmission system, braking system, steering system and auxiliary system. The components of the auxiliary system can be independently matched, including: frame, rear hanger, water bottle and bottle cage, car lights, fenders, deputy handles, stopwatches, car locks, car bells, and so on.

The difference in bicycle grades is reflected in every part of the body. There are four main parts: frame, axle, transmission, and shock absorber.

The frame is one of the main components of a bicycle, and durability is the most basic requirement for the frame. At present, there are three main materials used in bicycle frames on the market: steel, aluminum alloy, titanium and carbon fiber.

The advantage of steel is that the strength, toughness and shock absorption are very good, and the price is low; the disadvantage is that the body is too heavy and the surface is easy to rust. The advantages of aluminum alloy are that the body is light, not easy to rust, and the price is moderate; the disadvantage is that the material characteristics are relatively brittle, and the shock absorption effect is poor. The advantages of titanium alloy and carbon fiber are toughness, lightness, strength and shock absorption effect; the disadvantage is that the price is too expensive.

The axle refers to the axle assembly on the bicycle, including: axle rod, steel ball, bowl and axle gear and other parts. There are differences between ordinary shafts, sealed shafts and sealed bearing shafts. Among them, the sealed bearing shaft is the highest grade, it is durable, sensitive and light, with low maintenance rate and long maintenance period.

The transmission is divided into eight levels according to the accuracy, smoothness and toughness of the parts: XTR (competition level), Deore XT (advanced off-road enthusiasts), Deore LX (general off-road enthusiasts, mountain off-road entry), Deore (off-road hobby) User introduction), Alivio (mountain bike recreation use), Acera (mountain bike introduction), Altus (general use), Tourney (civilian).

The shock absorber can reduce the impact of different roads on the front and rear wheels and improve the comfort of riding. Shock absorbers are divided into front and rear shock absorbers, and the types are: resistance rubber, air pressure and hydraulic pressure. The best of them is the hydraulic shock absorber. However, it should be noted that the shock absorber will lose some riding efficiency, especially the rear shock absorber. If it is a long-distance trip on the road, the front shock absorber will be better.

To buy a suitable bicycle, you must consider two points: the type of riding and the economic situation. If you are only using it for short trips and the riding roads are relatively flat, then you only need to buy a 28 or 26 ordinary bicycle. If you are going to travel for long distances, the terrain you encounter may be plains, hills and mountains, and the roads you will ride on will also include oil roads, cement roads and sandstone roads, so you have to choose a targeted sports type. Bicycle. With a clear choice, the last thing you need to consider is to buy the most suitable bicycle according to your own economic conditions.